UNDP Legal Scholarship Program

UNCT-SO UNDP legal scholarship program-2016



Thirty-four students supported under the UNDP legal scholarship program have yesterday 30 August 2016 graduated with law degrees from the Faculty of Law and Sharia of University of Mogadishu, at a graduation ceremony organized by the University. The thirty-four graduates (24 male and 10 female) have been part of 97 (F: 48; M: 49) students supported under the UNDP’s legal scholarship program which is funded by the European Union and DFID - UK Department for International Development. Twenty-eight of the thirty-four graduates studied at the University’s main campus in Mogadishu while six studied at the University’s campus in Bossaso, Puntland. Upon graduation, the beneficiaries expressed their sense of appreciation and gratitude for the support provided to them over the years and made a commitment to serve their people. The graduates started their legal academic journey in 2012 and are expected to contribute towards addressing the shortage of qualified legal professionals in Somalia, a critical element in rebuilding the justice sector of the country.
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