Who we are

UN flag waving in SomaliaUN flag in Somalia, credit: UN Somalia

We have been working since 1991 to deliver humanitarian assistance and implement recovery and development programmes to improve the lives of the Somali people. However, providing aid has not always been easy. The fluctuating security situation and the absence of a functioning government has meant a big challenge to helping the Somali people. Over the last years, we have been able to make some progress, but a lot still needs to be done, and this is what we are there for.


The scope of our activities in Somalia is vast. Some of our work is visible at first glance, other activities can only be seen when one takes a look behind the scenes. This is the case for our capacity development programmes for example which respond to a key priority under the New Deal. All our activities ultimately aim at supporting the Somali Authorities so that they can provide efficient services to their people.


We work across the five Peace and Statebuilding Goals under the New Deal and our interventions cover South and Central Somalia as well as Somaliland and Puntland. We have permanent offices in more than ten locations in Somalia and are constantly looking to expand our presence as the security situation improves and new opportunities open up. More than 800 UN staff currently live and work in Somalia, throughout the three regions.


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